Thursday, July 11, 2013


Ideas. I have lots of them. Some of them wander around in my brain looking for a way out and others get trapped in the corners.

I saw an amazing piece of mixed media art and thought. I could do something like that with an embroidered butterfly and an edging. The butterfly was done some time ago and I was quite industrious creating and tatting the frame for it. The idea was to make a tatted butterfly corner to carry the butterfly theme into the frame and then possibly to do a butterfly scrollsaw frame in wood to mount it. The butterfly corner wouldn't co-operate so that idea is stalled. The butterfly and the frame edges are mounted on my blocking board and I had to move them over the other day to make room for blocking the doily that I finished last week,

I have a book half completed, because the enthusiasm dropped off when one of the patterns for it stalled. I have or maybe it's had, another idea for a book, but after the first couple of designs I kind of forgot which direction I was going in.

I got out a hanky to put and edging on, but after fussing with the quilting thread that I was using because it perfectly matched the flower on the hanky, when it broke repeatedly, I folded the whole thing up and put it away.

I was looking at some edgings thinking that I should just sit down and tat to get myself back in the groove so I was looking online at edging patterns and saw some motifs in the middle of the images of edgings which reminded me that I was thinking of designing a motif that could be tatted continuously like and edging. Sort of tat half the motif down one side and then come back along the second side doing the other half of the motif.

Like I said, lots of ideas, just not a lot of will power to execute them. Maybe getting a Kobo for my birthday wasn't such a good thing. I've read about a dozen books ever since I got it in April, but not much else is happening.


Margarets designer cards said...

I can see your Brian is working, I like the idea of your butterfly, the the rosé looks interesting.
Keep working on the ideas and draw them down as they come into the brain. I have just come back off holiday with a couple of ideas written down, so watch my space because I am going to watch yours

Kristen said...

I feel this way all the time. It is the saddest thing in the world to me that I have not found a way to read and tat at the same time! :) The closest I have gotten is listening to audiobooks, but that is not the same...sigh.

Everything in moderation, I guess! :)

Ladytats said...

my children gave me a kindle keyboard 2 christmases ago. tough to put it down. he he I can set it to read to me, and do, but not all books are text-to-speech enabled.

Tatting Chic said...

Very nice!

Madtatter80 said...

Yes I agree, love to do both so i set a timer. Check out my tatting blog if you want some more eye candy. Its called "Carollyn's Tatting Blog"