Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Some time ago there was some discussion in Toronto about creating an afrocentric school. The idea was a school especially for black people that addressed black history and black culture in a way to engender pride in black heritage. I thought, and still think, that it's a really stupid idea because the curriculum in this specialized school is not what the rest of the population will be taught and when the children are re-integrated into the rest of society, they are going to believe that everyone learned the same things and it will be a bit of a culture shock to find out that the rest of the population doesn't share African roots. It makes much, much, more sense to me to bring the highlights of that heritage and those cultural issues into ALL of the schools so that everyone can be enriched by them. The children with African heritage can take pride in where they come from and the other children gain a greater understanding. Of course they didn't ASK me, and they went ahead and opened the afrocentric school and they are having some problems with it now.

Today they are talking about opening a gay, lesbian, bi, trans gender LGBT high school, (that has already been dubbed the queer school). Which has got to be a really stupid idea on so many levels. The thrust of the proposal is to create a safe place for students. Wait a minute, back up here. A safe place for students. So if you are fat and being bullied because of it, does that mean we need a separate school for fat kids?

The issue isn't that we need to create exclusive place for children and teens, the issue is that we need to teach tolerance and understanding of differences. There won't be specialized work places for people based of race, religion or gender, so it just makes a whole lot more sense to teach the younger generation growing up how to get along with one another. That IS one of the purposes of school. It isn't isolation we need, it's inclusion.

OK, I'm getting off my soapbox now.


Fox said...

Refreshing. Bravo.

Maureen said...

You should try coming to grips with the new school curriculum here in Qld; two of my daughters are teachers and they "complain" about the impossibility of incorporating the political crrectness of referencing every single thing they teach to aboriginal heritage - to "make it relevant to indigenous children".
Try doing that when you are teaching calculus or harmonic counterpoint.....
We Do have indigenous schools in the Far North of the State, in remote areas where the entire school-aged population is of aboriginal heritage - and it makes sense there, but not in every single school. Especially when there are no aboriginal students in a particular school!
My eldest daugther recently had to upgrade her qualifications, and in order to pass, she had to rewrite her entire lesson plans in accordance with this premise.

Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

I fully agree with you. I am at a loss for more words, stupid covers a lot of my thoughts without ranting myself.

shelly said...

Hummm I guess for me as a child that would have been a Jewish, Russian, cathloic, Irish, short, school. I taught school for 3o years and after the first day I had to look up the ethnic race of the kids to fill out I could not remember who was what. It is a big world and it belongs equally to all of us. No matter race, gender, IQ or religion we are human one of my first graders put it! shelly beth

Margarets designer cards said...

I have never heard anything so silly, here in the uk the children go to one school, some schools have more of one group than another, In the north it might be more black children than white because their are more multicultural people living in that area. Some schools are so mixed that they have to have treachers that speak different languages as we have so many people coming from so many countries to work in this country. If you had to have different schools for different religions then we would need so many schools there would not be enough buildings and land for the schools.
Mixing the groups gives the children a better life skills for grown up life and they accept different religions and colour.

Marty said...

Agreed. Maybe we need a school for all the people who think we need a special school for other people. *sigh*