Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Still playing with sequins

I just had to try it again, this time without having the sequins lining up in a row. I'm not sure if I like using sequins or not. I might be falling out of love with the idea.

The hole in the sequin offered enough resistance that it pulled the hook right out of one of my shuttle. It was an older shuttle that has been broken and repaired several times, but it's an English Aero, so I just keep using it. I love my Aeros.

Here's what's happened so far. I might have one more idea to try.....


Gina said...

I have a single hole punch that is really quite small but still bigger than the usual hole in sequins. I've used it on sequin shapes that didn't have a hole - the kind that is often used in some kind of party confetti. I think it's really hard to get the full effect of the sequin in tatting because the thread has to cover it at some point. Too bad they don't have loops/shanks like buttons.

Fox said...

You guys! You are so inventive! Always something new to read about!

I like the unevenly placed sequins on the bookmark and the circle of blue ones in the little white motif. Very pretty!

I wonder what's next... Sometimes I am afraid to visit your blog and also Gina's - gets me into LOTS of unplanned hours!
Fox : )

Maureen said...

I love all the tatted pieces, but I am afraid that I developed a deep aversion to sequins after spending many years sewing ballet costumes for a daughter - hand sewing 1000's of sequins onto lycra and tulle was enough for several lifetimes!
Fortunately my granddaughter's new ballet school has all the costumes made by a professional seamstress - (and not by Mum or Grandma.....)

God's Kid said...

Nice pretty items there! :)