Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jingle, Jingle, Jingle

I picked up some tiny bells the other day because I thought they were cute and could probably be used with tatting. I should have included something for size reference in the picture. They're smaller than a quarter of an inch across or about 7 mm.

I sat down with some black Opera size 20 and some size 20 Lizbeth Turquoise and tatted a row of edging adding in the tiny bells as I was going. I had an idea that tinkling little bells around the ankle might be kind of cute. After the first row I had intended on just making a chain across the top, but I could tell that would be too skinny so I thought of making a mirror row along the top and replaced the bells with tiny gold beads. I didn't like the space that left between the large rings top and bottom, so I added in some iridescent black dagger beads to fill the gap.
Overall, I like the effect and the bells do make a nice little jingle when you walk. I'm not the kind of person to wear ankle jewellery. Actually I don't wear much of any kind of bling. I have a diamond engagement ring, but I don't wear it. My ears were pierced and I used to occasionally wear earrings, but I'd gotten away from it for so long that the last time I tried to put them on I had to poke a new hole because it had grown over. I've decided though that I like this one. I think it might even make a nice choker.
That brings me to an interesting question. Do you wear one anklet or two? Earrings are generally worn in pairs, but you don't often wear bracelets on both wrists. So what about anklets? Ankle bracelets are usually only worn on one leg, but I've seen designs for ankle wear done in pairs and I've seen singles. Of course maybe I'm only seeing one displayed but there are actually two. Does it matter? Does it depend on the design? I was all ready to whip out a second anklet when I decided that I only want to wear one. What do you think?


Maureen said...

My daughter likes anklets - she only wears one, I have never seen anyone wearing two. Well - you can wear two on the same ankle, I suppose, but not on each leg!

Ridgewoman said...

I've never worn anklets; but, in the 40's my Mom wore one with her high heels when she went out with Daddy and their friends, dancing in Hollywood. LOL

I stayed home with Matilda, who was a wonderful Christian gal..who wore NO jewelry, make up and took me to her church on Sundays.

The mot daring I ever became while a teen was wearing spring o later heels once in a while. Did paint toenails to match my bathing suits and I had at least 2 every summer ~ preferred 1 piece suits.

But ankle jewelry…nope. I married at 19 and was then a 'young matron' and young matrons didn't wear bling in the 50's ~ we became Mommies and domestic engineers. LOL

Too old now for anklets..bad enough to have the purple streak for a couple of summer months. LOL
But I believe only one would be worn, if I were to wear them at all. One VERY NICE tatted one.

I bought some of those little bells to..thought of putting them on Pam Palmer's FESTIVAL ELEPHANT..

happy tatting…bj

Katherinne McKay said...

When I wear anklets (which is a rare day, indeed), it depends on where I'm going and the anklet that I have. If I were going to the Ren Fair, then I would wear two of the bell-types because I like how they jingle, but on any other occasion I only wear one.

The design in really cute! Love the colors as well ;)