Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sometimes Snowflakes are Bookmarks

One of the snowflakes from the new book tatted in size 80 thread to be used as a bookmark. All but one has been drawn and almost half of them have been pulled into the publication. If things go the way I want it should be a book by the end of the week. I suppose I ought to think up a name for it, something a little more memorable that "Snowflakes". Any ideas?


Maureen said...

How about "Snowed Under" - or perhaps "Crystallised"...... -maybe "Crystals for Christmas"?

Suztats said...

how about "Tatted Ice"....or " Crystal Flakes"?

God's Kid said...

Hmmm...Tatted Winter ? :)

Happy Bluebird said...

Crystal Blizzard
Snowflake Flurry
Crystal Flurries