Saturday, May 31, 2008

Supply Find

I've only lived here for 20+ years, yet this week was the first time I made a trip down to the Coats and Clark clearance centre. I've known it was there, I just never got around to making the trek, partly because it's in an out of the way place and partly because I didn't know it was open to the public. What prompted me to check it out was some folks on a local email list recommending it. When I did investigate it, I discovered that it is only open 3 days a week.

We had to visit a client about a job and they were just a few blocks away from the Coats and Clark location so I had to drop in. I was hoping for lots of different crochet threads, but what I found was rooms and rooms full of yarn and very little crochet cotton.

I was wearing a tatted collar so that I could show the staff the kind of thread I was looking for, but they didn't have any crochet cotton on hand. I did discover some spools of Dual Duty Plus which is suitable for bookmarks, but as this is the clearance location the colour selection isn't terrific.

The larger spools of thread are Machine Quilting and Crafts thread size #50. These were all plastic wrapped and it was hard to tell what size 50 would look like tatted up, but I was thinking I might do a doily with the thread so I bought enough for that purpose. I opened one of the spools and tatted a wee ring when I got home.
Size 50 is, well, tiny as far as doily threads go. It's fine enough to make bookmarks out of although they'd be a little thicker that I like. Size 50 wouldn't be my first choice for doily thread.

They also had both metal and plastic Susan Bates shuttles. Again not my first choice for tatting but at $1.50 I got one anyway. Even if I don't use it, it gives me a shuttle I can give away if I need to, or one to show students what is available and point out the differences between the metal and plastic shuttles.

If you look close at the base of the dark blue thread you'll see a tiny ring. I had to show the staff what these odd looking contraptions were used for. I left them with my business card and my email address so if they get in any crochet thread they can let me know.

Luster Sheen is 100% cotton and as you can see it does tat. I will either crochet a shawl and add a tatted border, or I'll tat the whole thing. I haven't decided which yet. It's going to take a humungous shuttle to tat with it, but with all those colours, it should go with everything.

I bought the cross stitch kits because they were very cheap and I thought my sister might enjoy them.

Not a bad haul for a place that didn't have what I was looking for!


Marty said...

Nice haul! The LusterSheen is going to make a gorgeous shawl! I like the colors you did end up with, even if there wasn't much of a selection. Most of the doilies I make are in size 80 so I would think size 50 would work fine for doilies. That dark pink would make a striking anything, though. Is the dual duty plus the regular sewing thread they make or is it some kind of button cotton? I've never been able to get regular sewing thread to tat at all -- the polyester sheath frays off the cotton core very badly when I use it.

TattingChic said...

Oh, that's too bad they don't have much cotton crochet. You did great anyway. The colors you got are very pretty. MOST important you taught some people about tatting. So cool!

Marie de la Chaume said...

I tat thread too (not as often as you), and it makes very tiny tatting to which you have to get used to, because it is very small in the hand...
Sharon, I love your work! and I tell a lot of French people (I am French) about your videos, for when I teach, I find your films an excellent "keep in touch with tatting"
I am re-starting to tat after a long long stop!