Thursday, November 15, 2007

It was just a sigh of relief.

That sound you heard? It was that hugh exhale of releif when I found out the TV crew from Living in Toronto won't be coming for a while.They have another spot they want to do in the same neighborhood and since I'm way out in the suburbs, they'll do both on the same day. Co-ordinating a day where everyone's in sync. might take a while so now I can relax and think things through. I can spiff up some old pieces I have lying around and maybe tat a few new ones just for the occasion. I can plan out how best to display things and maybe get a few of those I've given away, back again just for the occasion. I like doing things this way much better.

Colour me, one happy camper.

I think when the show airs you'll be able to click on the links for current shows or archive of segments to see it online.

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Tattycat said...

I am glad you got a breather! I hate to be rushed into anything, and this is BIG! I do hope we will be able to see them on line.