Monday, April 09, 2007

What was I thinking?

I tatted this cross and I swear that the colours on the thread spools looked good together. Here in it's pre-blocked glory it doesn't look too bad. Maybe it was the lighting in the room at the time but my orange rose looked good with the yellow and variegated threads, but now that it's done, I don't think I like it. I wanted to slip this one in with the card for my sister's birthday, but I think I'll have to re-do it. I could cut the orange out and re-tat the centre, or drop the whole thing in a cup of tea and see it that mellows things out, or.....Or maybe I should just chuck it.
The pattern is a simple one from my latest newsletter which you can access by clicking on the link at the right. Shall I call it a motif, just so that the work isn't a total waste?
For those who have asked, the cross from the previous post was in my Tatted Crosses book which is available from my website.


Melissa said...

I vote for the tea or coffee to mellow it first! (says the crazy quilter) LOL
Let us know what happens!

yarnplayer said...

Tea, coffee, whatever dye -- just don't throw it out! It's really a beautiful cross, and actually, there is probably someone who will love the colors just as they are!

Tattycat said...

If you dislike it that bad, you could always send it to a new home! I could probably find a place for it. It really is beautiful. I vote for tea or coffee if you must.