Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tatting that didn't make it.

If you went by how often I post about what I'm tatting, you'd get the impression that I don't tat very much. Nothing could be further from the truth. I tat a lot, just nothing that I can post most of the time. Every quarter I work on the designs that will go into the next newsletter. Like this one on the left. It isn't quite right.

Neither is this one. It's too big and the shaping isn't what I need.

This one is getting closer to the right shape but it's still too big.

This one is getting there but it has empty spaces where I want it solid and the edges aren't pointy enough. When I get it right I'll have to tat a whole bunch of them. Just what I like -tatting a whole bunch of the same thing over and over again. NOT.

See - lots of little tatted bits but nothing really worth showing. These little mis-shapen bits will eventually work up into something worth while, they just don't look like it at this stage. It would be nice to post my progress on things more often, but since almost everything I create ends up in the newsletter I can't really show you what I've done until after the fact. I suppose I could start a whole bunch of drafts and publish them one at a time after the newsletter is sent out. Talk about anti-climax.

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