Monday, January 01, 2007

Floral Tatting

Several years ago I self published a book called Transitions in Tatting from Flat to Floral which is no longer in print. I'm thinking about re-printing just the floral part of the book as people keep asking me for flower patterns. The front cover shows you the flowers.
My criteria for these flowers was that they had to be life size, and they had to be constructed in such a way that wire wasn't needed for the flower to hold it's shape. The purple orchid on the upper right was tatted by Sue Hanson and was returned to her after the photo was taken. All of the other flowers have been sitting in the vase exactly like the picture since 2000 when the book was published. None of them have wilted yet!
The little white flower in the middle is a
Then counter clockwise from the bottom left
Stargazer Lily
Red Carnation
Purple Tulip
White Carnation
Purple Cattleya Orchid
Orchid done in Purple Mauve and White
Red Tulip
Also included were Leaves for the Tulip and Daffodil and an English Ivy.
The designs were made especially for use in bridal bouquets and wedding veils.
I have the hard copy that I could have photocopied, but I'm not sure about the original drawings. In the course of going through several computer upgrades and changing hard drives 4 times I'm not sure if the old files are still intact. Having the hard copy to work from I could probably re-draw the flowers so that I could make them available again. Anyone interested in a book of flowers?


weezerscaddy (amy) said...

If you do, I want it. (I came here via Tatted Motif challenge on LJ) That is all :D

Marty said...

I'm certainly interested in a book of flowers. I'd like to be able to give my mom a bouquet that wouldn't wilt!


jeanne L. Lugert (ladytats) Nata #39 said...

I am also interested in a book of flowers. any format from paper to download would be fine with me.

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CDS Studios said...

I would love a book of flowers